Our Founder is committed to ensuring that all Australians have access to our online learning. The cost of our online learning modules is now reduced to $79. For employers of more than 250 staff, we will offer a licence fee for unlimited access. Please contact us for more details at Additional online modules will be released in the coming months that cover the following topics: Building Cultural Confidence – Education; Building Cultural Confidence – Employment; Building Cultural Confidence – Aboriginal Boards; and Building Cultural Confidence – Health. These modules will compliment the current training. Aboriginal Insights is committed to providing cultural learning that builds your confidence with working with Aboriginal peoples, in any capacity.

To Close the Gaps for Aboriginal Australians as employers; partners; decision-makers; and service providers, we must Close Our Gaps on our knowledge of the Cultural Differences held by Aboriginal Australians. It is these Cultural Differences that are key to achieving outcomes. When we adapt the way that we consult; engage; and build relationships to respect cultural differences, we produce real outcomes.


2 Courses Package: $79.
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Course 1: Aboriginal Insights on Introduction to Cultural Awareness

Course 2: Aboriginal Insights on Engaging with Aboriginal Communities

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